A Good Coach Can Change A Game

A Great Coach Can Change A Life!

-John Wooden

2023-24 Charge Coaches & Directors

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Directors of Coaching


Ryan Webber


Ryan Webber

Directors of Recruiting

Central Coaches

10-Under Armour:
Regena Young
Kami Bratcher-Assistant

11-Under Armour:
Janet Brannon
Emma Vance-Assistant
Katelyn Looper
Andrea Carlton-Assistant

12-Under Armour:
Huyen Nguyen
Kaisha Peters-Assistant
Tim Alaniz
Rustyn Melton-Assistant
Kat Rogers
Becca Flaten-Assistant

13-Under Armour:
Sam Lindsey
Madeline Lynch-Assistant
Azuri “Blue” & Yaya Salgado
Samantha Perez-Assistant
Erica Maldonado
Bri Prescott-Assistant

14-Under Armour:
Holly McKamie
Megan Janda-Assistant
Hanna Nicholson Gray
Kami Bratcher-Assistant
Laura Iwuchukwu
Kaylee Olguin-Assistant

15-Under Armour:
Santiago Restrepo
Joeci Hunt-Assistant
Laurel Church
Alyssa Roy-Assistant
Shannon Niemeier
Mariah Yarbrough-Assistant

16-Under Armour:
James Ward
Rachael Self-Assistant
Heath Kufahl
Madeline Lynch-Assistant
Jason Butch
Hannah Butch-Assistant

17-Under Armour:
Santiago Restrepo
Ruby Kelly-Assistant
Randy McKay

18-Under Armour:
Nikki Clay
Chloe Upthegrove-Assistant

Tulsa Coaches

10-Under Armour Tulsa:
Brittany McCaw
Becky Olson-Assistant

11-Under Armour Tulsa:
Deidra Rader
Micalah Reed-Assistant

12-Under Armour Tulsa:
Danielle Parsons
Peyton Parsons-Assistant

13-Under Armour Tulsa:
Brian Shans
Katie Phillips-Assistant

13-National Tulsa:
Kylie Johnson
Sarah Maras-Assistant

14-Under Armour Tulsa:
Derek Serowski
Steph Kane-Assistant

14-National Tulsa:
Chadd McKee
Lindsey Anstine-Assistant

15-Under Armour Tulsa:
Chip McCaw
Becky Olson-Assistant

15-National Tulsa:
Drew Tiger
Gabrielle Tiger-Assistant

16-Under Armour Tulsa:
Andy Poplin
Kari Anderson-Assistant

16-National Tulsa:
Serena Harwell
Ahnah Katsis-Assistant

17-Under Armour Tulsa:
Chadd McKee
Kristin White-Assistant

17-National Tulsa:
Kylie Johnson
Matt RedmondAssistant

18-Under Armour Tulsa:
Anna Bezhan
Randall Horton-Assistant

South Coaches

10-1 South:
Erin McBriarty
Aubrie Sanders-Assistant

11-1 South:
Rose Canas
PJ Thomason-Assistant

12-1 South:
Kenady Bertling
John Do-Assistant

13-1 South:
Lexi Hiles
Cristal Carrasco-Assistant
13-2 South:
Maddie Callicoat
Maegan Plunk-Assistant

14-1 South:
Amy Serowski
Kyah Henderson-Assistant
14-2 South:
Megan Nance
Jaden Chapel-Morgan-Assistant

15-1 South:
Maegan Plunk
Maddie Callicoat-Assistant
15-2 South:
Megan Serowski
Jasmyn Lemuel-Assistant

16-1 South:
Cait Briggs
Ty Briggs-Assistant
16-2 South:
Samantha Perez
Blue & Yaya Salgado-Assistants

17-1 South:
PJ Thomason
Rose Canas-Assistant

Stillwater Coaches

9-1 Stillwater:
Jenny Boynton
Jake Ehrlich-Assistant

11-2 Stillwater:
Drue Brown
Sophia Price-Assistant

11-1 Stillwater:
Emma Enlow
Aryn Johnson-Assistant

13-1 Stillwater:
Shelby Childers
Samantha Sanchez-Assistant

14-1 Stillwater:
Cole Eveland
Kylee Delong-Assistant

16-1 Stillwater:
Savannah Adams
Mykalyn Daidone-Assistant

17-1 Stillwater:
Cody Garcia
Ben Nguyen-Assistant

17-1 Boys:
Drue Brown
Sophia Price-Assistant

West Coaches

12-1 West:
Jayda Clopp
Asia Shinault-Assistant

13-1 West:
Catherine Kusik
Tatum Spencer-Assistant

13-2 West:
Kashlei Vo
Karis Jones-Assistant

14-1 West:
Miranda Zawisza
Lexi Post-Assistant

15-1 West:
Keely McCaslin
Jeremiah McCaslin-Assistant

16-1 West:
J Dee Marinko
Ivanna Covarrubias-Assistant