The Best Team Isn’t The One With The Best Players,


2021-22 Teams

Central Teams

10-Under Armour

11-Under Armour

12-Under Armour

13-Under Armour

14-Under Armour

Central Teams

15-Under Armour

16-Under Armour

17-Under Armour

18-Under Armour

South Teams

11-1 South

12-1 South

13-1 South
13-2 South

14-1 South
14-2 South

15-1 South
15-2 South

16-1 South
16-2 South

17-1 South

West Teams

12-1 West

13-1 West

14-1 West

15-1 West

16-1 West


At Charge, we work hard to offer volleyball for many different levels. Here is a quick look at how our teams are created.

Central Teams – Under Armour, National & American

Charge will be forming our top 3 teams in each age group, 10U-18U as our Central teams in 2021-22.  Our top team in each age is called Under Armour (UA), our second team is the National team and our third team selected is the American team. These teams practice at one of the Central locations.

While every team at every age is unique from year to year, in general, we are looking for the following for our team levels:

  • UA teams will be competing and traveling primarily at an Open and USA level.
  • National teams will have similar travel and play in National and USA primarily.
  • American teams will also travel a similar schedule and play at the National, USA and/or American levels.

If you want to make one of these teams, you should be at Central Tryouts.

For more information please contact Ryan Webber at [email protected] .

South Teams

We have teams ages 11-17 that practice South at our North Newcastle location.  The South teams are called, for example, 14-1 South, 14-2 South, etc.

For all ages of South teams, you will want to include the South option when you sign up for tryouts online. For more information please contact Janet Brannon at [email protected] .

West Teams

Charge will be offering West teams ages 12-16 that will practice using Mustang schools. The West teams are called 14-1 West, 14-2 West, etc.

For all ages of West teams, you will want to include the West option when you sign up for tryouts online. For more information please contact Catherine Kusik at [email protected]

PAL Teams

OK Charge is honored to have partnered with PAL to grow volleyball in the OKC metro area. We will be making teams again for the 2021-22 Season.

The Oklahoma City Police Athletic League is a juvenile crime prevention program that provides educational and athletic programs for all children, primarily those in high-risk neighborhoods. PAL brings youth under the constructive influence of responsible adults and police officers who volunteer their time to be positive role models.

Our goal is to form teams to compete at a high level. Please download the flyer link below if you have questions. (new flyer coming soon)