Redland Rendezvous

The Road to Nationals Begins Here!


Below is information regarding the 2020 Redland Rendezvous

Redland Rendezvous features girls’ divisions:

Club: 11s-18s

Open: 14s, 15s, 16s, & 17/18
The 2020 Redland Rendezvous welcomed over 2300 players, from 240 teams, representing 46 different clubs and 6 different States, to the Bennett Event Center in Oklahoma City.


Thank you to all teams, parents, players, coaches and officials for making the 2020 Redland Rendezvous a success. Click below to see final results. We look forward to seeing you again in 2021!

Redland Rendezvous Tournament Information
14 Girls and Younger:  AM
14 Open: AM/PM
15 Club and Older: PM
AM wave starts at 8:00am
PM wave starts at 2:30pm
All “IF Matches” will be played UNLESS both team’s Head Coaches come to Championship Desk together to confirm their desire to cancel it. This will lie solely on the shoulders of each team’s Head Coaches.

1. NEW THIS YEAR: Please bring a print out of your most up to date roster to Check in! We will not have printed rosters for you to sign this year. Only Webpoint or AES rosters will be accepted.

2. Team Check in: Only the Coach of that team (must be on the roster) can check a team in. You will get your tournament packet with Bag tags for players and 2 Coaches on roster. You will also get OKC Chamber of Commerce information. The number of bag tags and wristbands given out are determined based on the Webpoint/AES roster submitted. Extra wristbands and bag tags will not be given out. Team Check in will be open in the Bennett Center Friday evening in the Lobby, 5:30-8:30pm. It will be open again in the Lobby Saturday, 7:00am-2:30pm.

3. NO TEAM TABLES: Bennett Center does NOT allow team food tables. The Venue does offer a variety of concessions with some healthy options! Please plan accordingly.

4. Parking is plentiful and FREE!!!

5. Chaperones and Team Reps do not get free admission to the tournament.

6. Admission for Spectators: Check out the ticket link on our website at Tickets can be pre-purchased or purchased at the door.

7. The Following are Bennett Center Rules:
     -No outside food or drink
     -No chairs or coolers
     -Water and Sports drinks with screw on lids can be brought in for players and are the only drinks that can be in the court/play area.
     -Personal belongings cannot block passage ways and will be confiscated if doing so.

8. Gym doors/Gate will open at 7:00am both days and not before.

9. No Speakers will be allowed for team warm up or team/spectator entertainment within the venue.

10. Please use AES for Pool and Bracket updates during the tournament

11. Finally, the Redlands Rendezvous Hospitality Room is a resource for the COACHES & OFFICIALS ONLY. This is not a place for players from any Club. Only Officials and Coaches with correct tags will be allowed in. Hot breakfast will be served each morning. It is located in the back-middle of the venue.

Again, Thank You for starting your Volleyball New Year with us! We are excited for the first serves!


Misc Information

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No team tables due to Venue Rules. We think you’ll be impressed with their concessions!

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