Oklahoma Charge Volleyball Club


2023-24 Tulsa Teams

Charge Tulsa will be forming teams in each age group, 10U-18U.  Our top team in each age is called Under Armour (UA), our second team is the National team and our third team is the American team. These teams practice at Titan Sports & Performance Center.

While every team at every age is unique from year to year, in general, we are looking for the following for our team levels:

  • UA teams will be competing and traveling primarily at an Open and USA level.
  • National teams will have similar travel and play in National and USA primarily.
  • American teams will travel to a few more local tournaments and play at an American or Liberty level

For more information please contact Steph Kane at [email protected]

10-Under Armour Tulsa

11-Under Armour Tulsa
11-National Tulsa

12-Under Armour Tulsa
12-National Tulsa

13-Under Armour Tulsa
13-National Tulsa

14-Under Armour Tulsa
14-National Tulsa

15-Under Armour Tulsa
15-National Tulsa

16-Under Armour Tulsa
16-National Tulsa

17-Under Armour Tulsa
17-National Tulsa

18-Under Armour Tulsa