Oklahoma Charge Volleyball Club


2022-23 East Teams

Charge will be forming teams in each age group, 13U-17U as our East teams in 2022-23.  Our top team in each age is called Under Armour (UA) and our second team is the National team. These teams practice at Titan Sports & Performance Center.

While every team at every age is unique from year to year, in general, we are looking for the following for our team levels:

  • UA teams will be competing and traveling primarily at an Open and USA level.
  • National teams will have similar travel and play in National and USA primarily.

For more information please contact Steph Kane at [email protected]


13-Under Armour East

14-Under Armour East
14-National East

15-Under Armour East
15-National East

16-Under Armour East

17-Under Armour East