14-2 South Assistant Coach

Roni Nicholson

Roni is an Oklahoma native that has over 20 years of coaching experience.  She started her coaching career at the college level coaching not only volleyball but basketball as well.  She took her teams to the NBCAA and the NCCAA National Tournaments, winning National titles in both sports and making it to the finals every year.  Roni also has spent time helping many of our local high schools coaching 2 years at Choctaw High School.

Roni is entering into her 10th season with Charge where she started as a mother of one of our accomplished players and now coaches, Hanna Nicholson.   Roni has been one of our UA’s assistant coaches for the 17’s & 18’s.

Roni’s goals are to educate young women into becoming confident and strong athletes with all the skills needed to move up to the next level.