Oklahoma Charge Volleyball Club
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Larry Taylor

Director of Operations
Email:  larrytaylor@okchargevolleyball.com
Phone:  (405) 410-7160

Ryan Webber

Director of Coaching
Email:  ryanwebber@okchargevolleyball.com
Mobile:  (405) 612-5016

Kimo Aweau

Assistant Director of Coaching
Email:  kimoaweau@live.com
Phone:  (856) 304-8401

Janet Brannon

Director of Coaching-South
Email:  coachbrannon@okchargevolleyball.com

Nick Serowski

Director of Recruiting
Email:  nick45serowski@yahoo.com
Phone:  (405) 837-6677

Jody Webber

Director of Tournaments
Email:  jodywebber@okchargevolleyball.com
Phone:  (405) 612-8138

Tracie Taylor

Director of Finance
Email:  tracietaylor@okchargevolleyball.com
Phone:  (405) 410-7159

Melissa Britten

Director of Lightning Boltz
Email:  mbritten@okchargevolleyball.com
Phone:  (405) 551-0700