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2016-17 Charge Coaches


 Oklahoma Charge Volleyball Club is proud to serve volleyball players from all parts of the OKC metro and beyond. Our practice facilities are Lighthouse Sports Health and Fitness Center, Santa Fe Family Life Center and our new facility in Newcastle. All three locations are perfect for easy travel. Lighthouse is on the corner of Hefner Parkway and Hefner Road, SFFLC is at the junction of I44 & 235 and our new facility is just off I44 in northern Newcastle.

Under Armour & National Teams

Charge will be forming our top 2 teams in each age group regardless if you live North, South, Central, East or West of the OKC metro. Our top team in each age is called Under Armour and our second team is the National team.

Central and South Teams

 We will also offer teams that practice at our Central locations at Lighthouse and Santa Fe Family Life Center and teams that practice South at our North Newcastle location. The Central teams are called American, Select, Regional and Metro. The South teams are called 14-1 South, 14-2 South, etc..  You will be able to select what you try out for on the sign up form as well as at the tryout itself. Mid-Cities teams will practice at the location closest to them.

Charge Central Teams
Charge South Teams

11-Under Armour: Melissa Britten 

                Assistant: Janet Brannon   13-1: Ashley Blake
11-National: Matt Vaughn

  14-1: Nick Serowski
12-Under Armour: Regena Young Assistant: Abigail Corff
              Assistant: Micayla Payne
12-National: Autumn Everett

15-1: Taylor Brown
   15-2: Amanda Schreiner
13-Under Armour: Cindy Maggart     
              Assistant: Chris Maggart 16-1: Holly McKamie
13-National: Caitlin Sloat Assistant: Jessica Breece
13-American: Chris Warlick               
  17-1: Kristen Artberry
14-Under Armour: Jamie Clark
14-National: Stephen Taron

14-American: Courtney Whitlow
14-American: Raelee Perry
14-Metro: Rory Troub
Practice Coaches
15-Under Armour: Joey Fitz

Kelli Geiger   

              Assistant: Jason Webber Amy Oare
15-National: Sam Lindsey Megan Kimak
15-American: Allison Brown

Paula Barros

15-American: Laura Iwuchukwu Sara Ligon
15-Metro: Adriana Worth

16-Under Armour: Kimo Aweau
     Assistant: Catherine "Cat" Roth  
16-National: Dave Ulrich                  
16-American: Morgan Roy

16-Select: Chris Hoodye       


17-Under Armour: Steph Kane

               Assistant: Josh Engle

17-National: Jessica Taylor


18-Under Armour: Adrianna Worth


              Assistant: Dave Ulrich